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North Eastern Ladies League

17th September 2022
Hornsea v Harrogate 72-71 (6-4)
New Earswick v North Cave 39-110 (0-10)
Leeds v Doncaster (Cancelled)
York v Selby 57-71 (3-7)

1st October 2022
North Cave v Hornsea 57-64 (6-4)
Leeds v York (Cancelled)
New Earswick v Selby 57-75 (2-8)
Doncaster v Harrogate (Cancelled)

15th October 2022
Doncaster v York (Cancelled)
North Cave v Leeds (Cancelled)
Harrogate v New Earswick 110-47 (6-4)
Selby v Hornsea 74-51 (6-4)

12th November 2022
ew Earswick v York 58-83 (2-8)
Hornsea v Leeds (Cancelled)
Harrogate v North Cave 77-73 (5-5)
Selby v Doncaster (Cancelled)

3rd December 2022
orth Cave v Selby 77-59 (8-2)
Leeds v Harrogate (Cancelled)
York v Hornsea
Doncaster v New Earswick (Cancelled)

11th February 2023

Harrogate v Selby 74-56 (8-2)
Leeds v New Earswick (Cancelled)
York v North Cave 70-69 (8-2)
Hornsea v Doncaster (Cancelled)

25th March 2023
New Earswick v Hornsea
Harrogate v York (Playing 8.4.23)
Selby v Leeds (Cancelled)
Doncaster v North Cave (Cancelled)
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